LaLaLa Festival 2016!!

Hello everyone!

So, today i want to share my story when i went to ‘LaLaLa Festival 2016’ at Cikole, Lembang, Bandung. The main guest star is Kodaline, then there are Jasmine Thompson and MYMP. The local guest stars are Maliq & D’essentials, Teza Sumendra, Payung Teduh, and etc.

I went there with 4 friends of mine.

Due to traffic and heavy rain, it took us approximately 2 hours. But we were still 1 km away from the venue. Instead of waiting, we walked to the venue.

So these are the tickets, ours is regular

The white part with ‘Pouch Nation’ on, is make you easier on payment while in the festival. Just top-up the amount that we wanted. I chose 200 rupiahs for 16 tokens.

If you were wondering…this was the venue

on the picture above, you can see there’s a stage called ‘Future Stage’, and at that time, MYMP was on stage!

Then went to ‘Lalala stage’ waiting for KODALINE!!

Before that, on lalala stage, Kimokal, then Jasmine Thompson, and Maliq & D’essentials were performed. I was super excited when Jasmine and Maliq & D’essentials performed!! Me and my friends sang along to their songs. It was fun!

here were pictures of Kimokal and Maliq & D’essentials while on stage

Maliq & D’essentials

Finally, at 10.30 p.m., IT W

AS TIME FOR KODALINE!! The area was packed! Everyone sang along on every single songs they performed. The atmosphere was amazing, we got the feel from the songs. Here were some pictures of Kodaline’s performance

Yeah, even though it was raining, and the grasses turn to a sea of muds, we were very happy and enjoyed the festival!

That’s my #Lalalaxperience, hope u guys enjoy it and like it! If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment below


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