My First Experience in Nara, Japan

Hello everyone! Deeply sorry for the late blog post. Finally red mark in the calender, so I have time to finish up this story. Let’s start it!


On April 14th 2017, me and my parents were going to have a week vacation to Japan. From Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, transited in Bali, then after proximately 7 hours of flight, we arrived in Kansai International Airport, Osaka, Japan.

First we bought Japan West Rail Passes, then we took a train to Oji Station, Nara. From the station, we took a bus to Shigisan.


On the way to Shigisan, I looked around the very nice neighborhood. Love looking at the people passing by and smiling to each other. And what i love more is there is no rubbish on every corner, all clean. Oh, I love a healthy environment.


There is a temple called Shigisan temple. And if you want to experience a Japanese-style hotel room, there’s one called Gyukozoin. By the way, it was my hotel there (well not really a hotel, tho). Here are some pictures near the lodgment.




Choosing the best place to stay in while you’re on a trip, is a must on every journey. Not only the distance with your hotel to your planned destinations, but your room view from the window or balcony is also a consideration. Having a good view helps you relax after such a long day of your trip. Speaking of room view, here is a picture of mine.


Isn’t that beautiful?? Slide the door and tadaa…!

Every morning there are religious activities, fire ceremony and the morning prayer. Unfortunately, the alarm wasn’t success on woke us up, so we missed it *sad face*. So we just walked around and took pictures. We met the monks, i assumed they were finished the activity.


After we had a breakfast, we continue our trip to Osaka. That’s all my experience in Nara. I’ll hope to be back soon. But if i’m back again, i’ll try to explore the downtown Nara.

Thank you everyone for reading my post. Hope you guys enjoy it and don’t forget to read my other story in Japan (soon will be posted).





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