Enjoying Matcha Desserts at Osaka Castle Park

Osaka is the next city on the list. A beautiful city acompany with a nice weather. Osaka Castle is a must if you’re in Osaka. Every Sunday, Osaka Castle Park is the citizen’s favorite picnic spot. Here you see everyone bring their barberque sets and picnic essentials.

After entering the castle it was time to relax under the tree! It was hot back then, yet there was still a breeze. Enjoying the magnificent Osaka Castle with blue skies on the background. Such a calming view.



Enjoying the view while the sun shone brightly, and you began to sweat, makes you want something for cooling yourself down. And this matcha stall is a must try when you go to Osaka Castle. It’s not hard to find it.


They’re selling matcha-based desserts, such as matcha ice cream, matcha float, and matcha mochi. The prices here are reasonable for a good taste of matcha. I definitely will going back here, just for this delicious dessert.


So i bought a matcha ice cream and a matcha float. The tastes are amazing. And it all are instagramable tho! I mean, the view is also support your picture. The matcha float is ice matcha latte with a matcha ice cream. I love the matcha here, because it’s kind of bitter-sweet.



So refreshing! I really recommend you to visit Osaka Castle and try these matcha desserts and enjoy it by sitting under the tree.

Hope you guys enjoy and like the story, have a great weekend everyone!




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